Master Your Energy

Wellness Experience

What does it feel like to Master Your Energy?


Imagine waking up every day with zest for life! Energized, inspired, ready to take on ANY challenge that comes your way! And if you wake up feeling subpar, you know EXACTLY what to do to tune into your own personal rhythm and manage your stress like a BOSS! 

When you manage your energy, you experience:

  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced mind/body/spirit connection
  • More feelings of joy and wellbeing 
  • Improved body awareness and self knowledge
  • Improved job satisfaction and productivity

We'll teach you just how to do that with World of Wellness Wellness Experience with Megan Wren! 

The Power is Within You.

Increase your vitality and connection to self with the power of music and movement, in a fun, interactive experience.




Ignite your self knowledge with techniques rooted in science to elevate your health and wellness while engaging in activities that enlighten and enhance your connection with other like-minded individuals.

Here's what you can expect from attending a Wellness Experience:

  • Simple techniques to influence the nervous system, manage stress and shift energy levels.
  • Harmonizing activities for community and connection. 
  • Easy movement patterns to enhance your body awareness and begin the steps to self mastery. 
  • Connecting to your body/mind/and soul with music.


Learn how to tune into the rhythm of your body and become more aware of your subtle energy with sound. 


Movement allows us the freedom to do the things you love with ease. Combined with music, you'll feel empowered in the home you call body. 


Learn how holistic health practices like breath, sleep, hydration, relaxation and more influence our energy and how to optimize it.

Why Master Your Energy with the Wellness Experience



Use the power of music and movement to Master Your Energy and enhance your self-awareness with science-based techniques that will leave you feeling happier, and healthier!

In this experience you will learn:

  • The importance of holistic wellness principles with strategies to implement them into your busy day.
  • How to intuitively know exactly what your body needs and why
  • How to use sound for relaxation, clarity, focus, and awareness.
  • How to feel the subtle energy in the body...and more!


Some may call it a passion or an obsession, but I truly love movement, and I truly love music! Both have impacted my life in many positive ways, leading me to get a bachelors degree in Exercise Science, many certifications in holistic health, and teaching myself to play the piano. 

Before creating World of Wellness in 2020, I had experienced major burnout, physical exhaustion, and at certain times, anxiety and depression from running my first business that started back in 2015.

After burning the candle at both ends, my journey became about redirecting, and becoming aware of all of the energy that I gave away to my career for years. 

This wellness experience "Master Your Energy" is the combination of my 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, my personal holistic health practices, combined with the neuroscience of music to help you master and embody the life and energy that is you! 

"The holistic health strategies I've learned from Megan at the Wellness Experience has greatly helped me reduce my anxiety and manage my stress levels."

Hayden Barnett

"I have never felt more powerful and in control of my own energy!"

Emi Blackbird



Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to get your energy levels to where you want them?

If so, then the Master Your Energy Wellness Experience is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune into your body, connect with your community and your health.  Once you've connected with your energy, we'll teach you how to feel and nurture it through music, movement, and holistic health practices that you'll be able to incorporate into your daily life. 

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