Educate and inspire health and wellness for you and your team. Our Workplace Wellness programs are designed to help busy adults build the foundation for a healthy, holistic lifestyle, improve quality of life, and enhance your bottom line. 


Improve Company Performance.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employee's want quality of life and will turn down jobs that don't offer them that. Offering strategies for health will improve your employee's satisfaction rates making your company more desirable to work for.  

Improved Company Culture

Companies that offer workplace wellness programs are less likely to have employees experience work related stress. Wellness programs also help build team communication and connection. 

Reduced Absenteeism

Workplace wellness tools help employee's fight distraction, improve focus and improve effectiveness of the work they do. When employee's are healthy, they take less sick days. 


 What does holistic approach to workplace wellness entail? 


  • Address the social and mental factors that  contribute to illness and disease.
  • Improving quality of thinking to enhance health and happiness.
  • Breathing techniques that reduce tension from stress.
  • Education on sleep and recovery for optimal performance.
  • How to incorporate movement into your busy day. 
  • Guiding your staff to make smarter food and hydration choices.  

Why Take the Holistic Approach?

75% of all healthcare costs go towards treatment of preventable condition. 95% of all diseases are due to faulty lifestyle choices. We'll help your team make the right ones. 
6 of 10 Americans live with a chronic, preventable disease. With a holistic approach, we'll help identify the social and mental factors costing your company precious dollars. 
Attrition costs companies approx 34% per employee. For every $1 spent on wellness programs, it saves your organization $3.27 on health insurance costs. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

Way to Workplace Wellness Will Help Improve the Health and Quality of Life for You, Your Team, and Your Business. 


Knowledge is power. Equip your team with the practical tools, resources, and science based-strategies they need to improve their health and well-being.


Inspiration is the fuel that creates change. We'll assist in empowering your team to take action to create a lifestyle that will help to fulfill their personal and professional potential.


With education and inspiration comes application. We'll teach your team members how to implement their new, holistic lifestyle strategies into their busy day to avoid overwhelm and ensure success.

At World of Wellness, we understand the emotional drain of burnout and lack of energy. That’s why over the past 12 years, we’ve helped 100’s of clients gain the energy, strength, and stamina to reach their personal and professional potential. 

Choose Your Workplace Wellness Program. 

Lunch and Learn 

Learn the basics and inspire your team. We will teach your team how to lay the foundation and ease their way into a healthy lifestyle that will last for years to come!

Workshop Series 

This in-depth workshop series teaches you and your staff the  how to build a sustainable, holistic lifestyle in all areas of your health and wellness allowing you to reach your personal and professional potential. 

Wellness Retreats

Nothing is better than a team working cohesively. Unite your team, improve company culture, enhance problem solving skills and more with our corporate wellness retreats.



1. Fill Out the Contact Form

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2.  Schedule Your Session

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3. Transform and Sustain the Health of Your Company  

Finally feel confident that your staff has the tools and resources to sustain their health so your company, and culture can flourish.

Be the Best Company to Work For. 

Nowadays, prospective employee's are in search of organizations that care about their wellbeing. They want to know that their company, where they will spend 1/3 of their life, has their best interest in mind. You have the potential be that amazing company people want to work for by offering our Workplace Wellness Programs.

Our work life is stressful. And work is our security, so we tend to WANT to work really hard and think that the stress and health are things we have to sacrifice to feel secure. And I get it, I was there. I watched my physical, mental and emotional health fall to the wayside as I ran my first company. It wasn’t until I burned out all of my ropes that I truly embraced a holistic approach to living and working. 

We aren't going to hit your staff over the head with the fact that we need to eat healthy and move our bodies. But we will provide your staff with simple tools and resources that will be useful to improve the way you feel throughout the day as well as increase employee retention, recruiting favorability, and productivity in your organization.  

With Workplace Wellness, we will teach your staff how to identify the social and mental factors that may be contributing to illness that is accounting for the majority of your health insurance costs. We’ll teach your team tools to improve their health even on a time crunch that will empower them at work, and at home. Just click on the contact form on this page, set up a consultation call with me, and help your busy employees ease their way into workplace wellness.

Your Coach and Guide,

Megan Wren, B.S, CAFS, HLC-1, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

[email protected]